Making a SpaceBuild Map

Hi have quite a bit of experience with Hammer and thought I’d give making a Spacebuild map a go. The only problem is that I don’t know how to make certain areas zero gravity or how to make going into the planet spheres make them turn into an island-like thing. Can anyone help me with this?


Try FPSbanana, they normally have help to do things like this in it…

If you have no idea on how to “make them turn into an island-like thing” I wouldn’t suggest making a spacebuild map for starters.

But anyway, I’d suggest that you look around in the official spacebuild threads - I believe there were some basic tutorials on how to make maps in them.

It’s actually pretty easy. The gravity and atmosphere is defined by a logic_case at the center of each planet. Here’s some info on how to define these logic_cases:

Also, check out the thread for the enhanced planet dev kits in the Releases section. Those are great place to start while building your planets. You can find those here: