Making a spiral in hammer

Sup fruit punch,
I want to make a parking garage build map
that has a spiral in it that links the levels of the parking garage
Im basing this map off of quincy adams train station in quincy Massachusetts on the MBTA (Boston’s subway system)
I cant imagine how I would make this kind of shape in hammer
looking for smart people!
sort of like that
THX :smiley:


Lol, I still never made it. Making it proportional is really annoying and the vertex tool does a poor job of matching the brushes if its on a weird scale. I was probably doing it wrong.

Any progress ?

I could make a prefab or something.

make ramp, copy paste special, rotate at some angle, move, clip/vertex edit, repeat.

Why don’t you use subdivision on that arch?

Use an arch primitive (with additional height parameters) and the vertex manipulation tool.

You make a block in the shape you want and carve it out from a solid.

:stuck_out_tongue: J/k