Making a Trampoline

Hey guys, I was just curious if anyone knows and tutorials on how to achieve something like this. Where the player when collided with a certain brush or entity, will bounce off of it with a certain force. In my case I’ll try making a trampoline, which will need a decent amount of force.

Any ideas? I don’t know where to start.

Thanks a lot.

Trigger_push, with a trigger brush that doesn’t extend too far above the trampoline surface you want to be bouncy. Just give an aggressive push value so it gets you off the trampoline. You could place addition trigger brushes so you can increase the force of trigger_push if you are coming from a higher place.

make a filter_activator_name, set the filtername to ‘something’
make a trigger_push above the physical trampoline, set filter that controls it to the name of your filter_activator_name

make a trigger_multiple at the trampoline base (1 unit above the base)
make a output, onstarttouch, !activator, filter, addoutput, targetname something
make a output, onstarttouch, !activator, filter, addoutput, targetname , delay .5 seconds

set the trigger_multiple reset wait to 0.0001.

This will make it so you can jump down on it, and only when you hit the ground you get pushed up. It might be hard to grasp at first. I could make a video tutorial if you are stuck.