Making a TTT server? Worried about DDoS?

So what should I do before I start up my TTT server to prevent DDoS or DoS attackers?

My budget is $150/mo for a dedicated server. Also how much would I need to run a server with 24 players?

If 24 is too much you could just tell me how much I need for 16.

You can’t do anything about DoS attacks, sad fact of how IP works. There may be many methods, but that doesn’t make it impossible.

$150 is more than enough for a 24 player server.

Check the PM :slight_smile:

TTT servers don’t typically get attacked by dos at random so the only likely scenario is that you might piss a guy off.

You can’t protect against DDOS but if you rent a dedicated server with a gigabit line they will need something better then your typical angry kid with mommy’s credit card has.