making a view weapon model?

Yeah, I’ve looked through a dozen tuts and guides, and i’ve got the majority of everything working right, but one thing keeps coming out wrong. i made a model and placed a skeleton (or armature, bones, w/e u wanna call it) in the proper place and tried to have the same base bones that hl2 weapon bones had. the smd compiles right, and even the mdl looks more or less right, the problem is its not at the right placement and its much too small for a view model. I even tried the same qc scripts whereas the origin is specified at a 68 displacement along the z axis ( 0,0,68). I can probably figure out the scaling issue, but why is it not being centered correctly?

also, i have bones bounded to vertex groups in the mesh, and the animation works fine in blender, but when i export and compile to mdl, several of the bones seem to ‘switch places’, as in the barrel bone is moving the cylinder or trigger bone is moving the handle. Any idea why this might have occurred?

any feedback would be appreciated, i’ve been spending several days trying to fix this :[

have you followed the valve developer wiki page? I made the original page for making viewmodels in blender. if you haven’t.

well that helps alot :smiley: i think i’ve got the view thing about working, now i still need to find out why the bones are swapping, maybe i can figure that part out my self hopefully but any more comments are appreciated :]

thanks again ^^