Making a youtube player in a map?

I would like a cinema, is there any remotely simple way to do this?

And is it possible to stream content from a PC instead of playing it from youtube?

Sorry, I know nothing about this.

This felt more like lua question than a mapping one.

Searching for the win.

And yes, you can stream content from your PC by opening an HTML panel and embedding it in Windows Media Player or something.

That wasn’t really what I was looking for though. I want it included in the map like in GMT. So either a tutorial or a prefab.

Thanks though, I’ll try to find some more info about them HTML panels.

Gm_RDCinema comes with the youtube player in the map, so I was providing the map as a reference.

Ah, everyone’s getting into the theatre craze after I opened the MovieNight project for my friends. I guess people liked the idea :rolleyes: