Making admins unable to right click weapons in Q menu.

I have managed to disable Admins having access to give weapons from the Q menu to them self. (Left clicking on chosen weapon)
But can’t figure out how to stop them from spawning them. (right clicking the weapon)

I’m using ULX, anyone have any idea?

Go to the folder of the SWEP, then go to the weapon’s shared.lua file and you should see this:

[lua] SWEP.Spawnable = false // false or true, players can spawn weapons or not
SWEP.AdminSpawnable = false // false or true, admins can spawn weapons or not [/lua]

Obviously, false so that the admin can’t spawn it, true so that the admin can.

Just looked into that, they’re all set to false already mate.

P.S. I’m using DarkRP and CSS Realistic 4.0 weapon pack.

I was looking into that, and it appears only the base part of the weapon is set to false, are you sure EVERY weapon is set to false?

**[Gamemode.PlayerSpawnSWEP](** Try that.