Making all the items spawn

Hi, in my survival map, when it starts the gamemode is automatically set to survival, but the gascans and propane canisters are spawnedd like if it was a campaign map (some are missing, and in a survival map all of them must be present).
If there is not a direct fix to this my idea was to force a reload of the map (reloading when the gamemode is survival makes all items spawn) at map spawn, but ding this the game goes on an infinite loop. Is there a way of maybe count how many items have been spawned, and if they aren’t enough reload the map?

Can you clear up your question at all? It sounds very confusing reading it once through. I am assuming that you want to have specific items spawn if the supply is too low.

For now, I will just tell you to look on the Valve Developer Community for point_template, or just google it.

You know those flamable /explosive gas cans which are scattered through the l4d maps? In campaign mode, only a few of those placed by the mapper are spawned, but in survival mode all are spawned.