Making an appealing VGUI?

So I’m just wondering what would anyone here use to make say a DPanel (Just a simple rectangle) Look more appealing to the player, For all i can see it’s pretty limited on what methods you can use with it!

(Btw the Panel is working as a frame)

That’s going to be all subjective. Mess around with the background of it. Do you want more of a modern appeal? Do want a theme to it? Just do what you think it needs. And look at how others do it, that’s always a great way to learn.

I just use trial and error. I like to make my VGUIs OCD friendly, and not have them as clusterfucks.

I have some ideas but I wanted to know what sort of methods are most commonly used

Think of the frame more as just a canvas for your GUI. For example, here’s an early preview of a radial menu I’m creating which is derived from a DPanel element.

Not everything needs to be a square.