Making an Effect into a Prop?

I’ve spent a while modelling a prop, texturing it, importing it into the source engine, fixing it and then reimporting it so that it finally works with Garry’s Mod. However, for some reason, I can only spawn it as an effect, and only through the browse tab! Any suggestions?

what is this? a model


An “effect” is a prop without a collision model or a collision model that is broken, to make a collision model you need simple primitive objects around the prop that you want the player to hit.

Here’s an article with a full tutorial on how to make a collision model inside most of the modeling software.

After you done you need to save your collision mesh as another reference smd i usualy call mine “something_phys.smd”
then in the qc file you need to tell that there is a collision model to do that you simply add this command:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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