Making an entity explode

Hi i’m making a SNPC but on function ENT:Killed() and if the NPC comes to close i have to make it explode Does sombody know how I should make my function ENT:Explode() ??

So this is what i got on function ENT:Killed()

function ENT:Killed()
if math.random(1,3) == 1 then
	  self:EmitSound( self.die1,460,math.random(80,120))
	elseif math.random(1,3) == 2 then
	  self:EmitSound( self.die2,460,math.random(80,120))
	elseif math.random(1,3) == 3 then
	  self:EmitSound( self.die3,460,math.random(80,120))


SO now i need to have an ENT explode.

Thx in advance !

util.Effect and util.BlastDamage