Making an entity that can ragdoll: Is it possible?

I have an entity that I’m trying to make replace the player’s ragdoll when they die, sort of like TTT corpses in a way. However, I can’t get it to spawn properly. Making it base_entity makes it not render at all, and I can’t make it inherit from prop_ragdoll because:
ERROR: Trying to derive entity corpse_lootable from non existant entity prop_ragdoll!
Which makes absolutely no fucking sense because prop_ragdoll is a source engine entity so of course it fucking exists.

Is it possible to make an entity act like a ragdoll?

Make the entity’s model whatever the player’s model was.

No, you cannot. You have to use prop_ragdoll itself, just like TTT does, you cannot base Lua entities on engine entities.

Tried that, mimicking pos, angle, velocity, all that shit. It just flat out doesn’t render the model.

Create a prop_ragdoll instead.