Making an RP server, need suggestions for everything

I have a 12 slot garrysmod server that has been laying around for a while on sandbox, and I’m interested in making it into an RP server.

For the gamemode: I was thinking CakeScript or GmodRP, probably going to go with GmodRP. Please, do suggest a gamemode if you think it’s better than either of these.

For the addons: Probably just the admin mod. Players don’t like having to download a ton of shit they’ll probably not use.

For the map: Oviscity seems like a good candidate, but please do feel free to suggest one.

Oviscity is a pretty good map :smiley: But have you heard of a series of RP maps called City 8? You should check them out. Though they may take a little more processing power to operate. Still, they are very detailed and very creative maps. Hope this helped!

I’ll look into those.


They look great but I’d rather not force players to download a 90MB map.

What kind of roleplay are you planning?

I’m not really sure. Something along the lines of what GmodRP was going for.

Ok, you may want to take a look at this:
It’ll give you some ideas of what kind of RP some people are looking for.

If my friend finishes DERP, I’ll use that.

I’ll go bug him about that :v:

Yeah, I’ll just redo it, we originally intended to make it as retarded as possible, aka coded like a 9 year old, but it was to be extremely basic, /me and a money system.

Best thing is to find ways to stand out from others, and I’d suggest ragmod, might seem stupid, but if you turn on the PvP-setting, propkilling/propsurfing won’t be a problem, just a hint. You can also turn on some other settings to make heavy weapons knock the player down, adds serious realism.

I’d advise making it a 32 player slot if you want a big playerbase like Taco n Bannana’s community

Yes, because having lots of slots instantly gives you a huge playerbase.

I just finished up the basics for the DERP gamemode, alpha testing is going on, we have to fix alot but its what came out of a day of coding.

The map should be RPS_Downtown_V2

Good luck with that.