Making an rpg game based off of morrowind

I have a team set up to get things moving, but I really need a serious coder. I know basic derma in lua and its not enough to get this to take off.

I would need you to know sql and glua.

What I need done is

an sql system
derma menu’s
character set up and selection

I would prefer to have a serious coder. Also being a serious coder means offers you more things to be paid for.

If your willing to send me individual completed things then I can pay you for what you do.

example: if you make me a guild system then I will pay you for the completed guild system.

I have a a few developers

2 story writers
2 web developers

I am willing to pay someone for their work. Whatever amount of work that is done is really appreciated.

I hope to hear from you soon. This game will be great, but I cant do it alone.