making an svn for a garry's mod addon, but won't let me login

( I’m using tortoise SVN )

I recently created an SVN on google code for an addon I’m going to make. I exported the https link of the google code URL. I open the repo browser to add my files to it, I finish moving the files and it asks for my username and password. I put in my user name and my google generated password, yet it does not accept it. what’s wrong?

Try using SVN->Commit instead of the repo browser. That’s what I do, and it works fine.

I don’t see that option D:

For me it’s right below Update

Oh, now I see it, but how do you add files with that?

Just cutpaste whatever into the folder that you Checkouted the https to, then click commit. And when a window appears, just check all checkboxes and cick OK

whats carter addon svn password

Go on and click on SVN Links.

[sp]i think[/sp]