Making an SVN?

Well, all of the tutorials on how to make SVNS to upload files to complete lose me and they’re some where off with out me, can someone please tell me, or link me to a good tutorial on how to make an SVN?

It’s fairly simple depending on what client you are using and what host.

Let’s assume we’re using to host it ( has a total size limit as far as I know, but fine with everything else ).

First, if you don’t have it done already, create a developer account on there. May or may not require a gmail, since I used my gmail I wouldn’t know. This step is unavoidable as it’s crucial to getting the password for uploading.

After that, go to and go here to fill out a quick form to submit a project.

Once created, in the upper right corner, click the my favorites drop down, and your project should be in the list. Once there, go to the source tab, and select checkout. Copy the https link.

Next, click ( in the same corner ), your profile button and goto settings. The first item there should be a string of garbage.

Your username for committing the svn is the address you registered for the code account and the password is that string. Copy them somewhere you won’t lose them.

Now, since I hope you already have a client installed, assuming Tortoise for the sake of a tutorial.

Go to the folder you want to create the SVN out of. Right click on it and goto Tortise SVN sub item or whatever it is, and select export from the list. It will prompt you for an address to commit to, enter the https address. When prompted for the user name and password, enter the stuff we copied down earlier.

Yay! After the upload, the SVN is now hosted on the internet. To have people download it, give them the http link ( not the https ) from the same page we got the https one from.

Updating is as simple as selecting the “check out” option from the menu.

I might have made a few errors in there ( since it’s been a few months since I made an SVN ), but that’s how I did it as far as I can remember and it worked.

Different hosts / different clients will have, well, differences, though.

I don’t see anything related to subs on the list.


nevermind, but uh, when I fill out that form, it always puts a space, like example

I think it’s messing it up.

Mine looks like that too: divranspack

Just remember you need to give other people the “http” link. NOT the “https”.

I know, but it errors by saying: does not exist!

Remove the space?

And give other people the http link. NOT THE http**


** LINK!

Divran, I’m trying to add files to my SVN, not make people download it

I’m bumping this because i still don’t know how to fix the problem with the space in the url, any help please?

My SVN works fine with the space in it… :S

Give me 30mins and I will give you guys a video on making a svn and adding/editting