Making Arrows Retrievable? (Vote)

I personally believe a player should be able to reuse the arrows he has fired…

Perhaps add a (% Chance arrows can break) or only break when you hit certain objects (Rocks-metal building etc)
Have your say :D**

Thanks rust community.

P.S (Poison tipped arrows/crossbow/bolts: would be an interesting element to add to the game imo)

Really good idea, but I say no to poisoned tip arrows! Crossbows may be cool, though.

perhaps you could find a plant such as poison ivy or something like that to make poison arrows but you would have to create a way to harvest the plant (without being poisoned yourself or be poisoned and in need of medicine) then a way to apply it to your arrows. If it were just all right clicks it would be broken, so maybe some form of mortal and pestle or something like that? just an idea.

Arrows that cause bleeding :wink:

Yes - with the condition you specify regarding broken arrows.

Cause regular arrows make you drip magic liquid, not blood. :wink:

I agree with reusing arrows with breaking on hitting metal,stone,concrete and with a % to break when hitting wood,flesh or dirt.

Arow cutsomization would be cool, like, wood,stone,metal tipped arrows and a possibility to posion them with D.I.Y simple household items.

More of these type weapons would be cool, but crossbows. Seem a bit too, i dunno…
Maybe. By making the blueprint hard to find and the resources needed hard to find aswell.

Agree! Really good idea!

really, these arrows are pretty crude if you look at it. stone heads, simple twigs from trees. I’m not sure if there should really be a retrieval method, they seem so crude that they would break upon pulling it from your dead target. If there is a retrieval rate, it should be pretty low, imo.

i think you should be able to shoot arrows, but when retrieving them, only a certain amount are ready to use, and the rest you have to repair, just my opinion.

No for poison arrows
YES for re-usable arrows.

because if we vote on it, it will happen.

also, i like it.

I agree with the retrieval % chance, maybe only from things you’ve killed. Like you can’t shoot the ground and go pick up the arrow but if you kill a pig there is a good chance you’ll get an arrow or two back in the loot? I think poisoned arrows is a stretch. We don’t even have farming of any kind yet. I could see metal tipped arrows though. A little harder to make but more sturdy and do a little more damage? Maybe a higher chance of retrieval from bodies?

I vote yes only under one condition… there is a chance for failure. So basically 25% of the time, you wont retrieve it.

I think that would be a great idea

The bow is SO overlooked right now its incredible. This weapon fits perfectly with the scenario in Rust. I love the guns and how they are balanced to be more suitable in different circumstances and the concept of these simple but effective weapon types should probably be elaborated on.

Attachments such as red dots should be able to be attached to bows in a makeshift fashion (maybe duct-taped on the bow)

There need to be more weapons in this class. (throwing spears, crossbow maybe) And they could be balanced and scaled to be beneficial in their specified circumstances just like any other weapon in rust. Crossbows may be longer load but do significantly more damage, spears may hit players and stutter their movement similar to what happens when you land from jumping.

Great thread topic though

There should just be a 25% chance that your arrows break. Otherwise you can retrieve them.

Also, building off the idea of arrows that cause bleeding, There could be an added effect where arrows stuck in players must be removed or else they’ll cause infection (Which would satisfy your poison dipped idea) and the removal of the arrows would potentially cause bleeding

Pretty barebones concept but ill leave it to be built off further