Making blood decals "spray"? (place blood on a certain radius)

Hey, guys. So, I’ve got this piece of code here:
[lua]local startp = trace.HitPos
local traceinfo = {start = startp, endpos = startp - Vector(0,0,50), filter = ent, mask = MASK_NPCWORLDSTATIC}
local btrace = util.TraceLine(traceinfo)
local Pos1 = btrace.HitPos + btrace.HitNormal
local Pos2 = btrace.HitPos - btrace.HitNormal
util.Decal(“Blood”, Pos1, Pos2)
The problem with this is, it only puts blood under the body and nowhere else. Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to “spray” the blood around? Maybe using a radius check?

Desperate, one-week bump.

Maybe trace a line from through the NPC or whatever it is you’re hitting and if the HitPos is within a certain distance place a decal on it.

I need to place multiple decals within a certain radius.
You hit the ragdoll, it sprays blood all over the place. That’s what I want.

I think in TTT dead body “bleeds” for some time. I’d look into that.
Otherwise experiment with traces and random angles.