making cam 2d3d face player

im trying to get my cam 2d3d to face player like a player tag but its above a npc

 hook.Add("PostDrawOpaqueRenderables", "buble", function() 
	for _, ent in pairs(ents.FindByClass(npcclass)) do
	local Pos = ent:GetPos()
	local Ang = -LocalPlayer():EyeAngles()

	local text = npcname
	local TextWidth = surface.GetTextSize(text)

	Ang:RotateAroundAxis(Ang:Forward(), 90)
	--local TextAng = Ang

	--TextAng:RotateAroundAxis(TextAng:Right(), CurTime() * -180)

	cam.Start3D2D(Pos + Ang:Right() * -75, Ang, 0.2)
		draw.WordBox(2, -TextWidth*0.5, -20, text, "HUDNumber5", Color(50, 0, 0, 50), Color(255,255,255,255))

i got this code from somthing in dark rp and everything i try breaks it not sure what to do. right now if folows the player eye pos but its not facing them

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this has been my only problem for a while and i just cant figure out how to do it! i need help

mabe i need to give it the players pos too?

function ENT:Draw()
	local lpos = LocalPlayer():GetPos()
	local entity = LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace().Entity
	if entity:IsValid() and lpos:Distance( entity:GetPos() ) < 160 then

		local p
		local ang = LocalPlayer():EyeAngles()
			p = entity:GetPos() + Vector(0,0,90) --+ math.sin(CurTime()*3))
			cam.Start3D2D(p, Angle( 0, ang.y - 90, 90 ), 0.1)


Here’s a snippet of code I made for some tags above an entity. Take a look at how it’s made. (I removed some elements of the code for easier navigation.)

thanks! just fixed my problem that was killing my sleep