Making characters talk

I’ve seen videos where NPCs at least were made to talk, for instance, in one video making Gman say at times he dreams about cheese.

I was curious how to do this, and if you can using a mic or at least self made sound files.

There’s a program in the SDK called “FacePoser”. You use that program to make NPCs talk.

I take it you’re not just talking about the Faceposer already in Gmod.

Not that one. The one in the “Source SDK”, under tools.

So you can’t do it in Gmod proper, but just with an external program?

There’s an “NPC talk sTOOL” that loads npc scenes in gmod, but to make them say sound files they’re not supposed to like that you need to use faceposer.

Eh, no using it in Gmod proper then. Alright.

Uh, actually.