Making City Ruins v2 SFM Compatible (HDR and such)

So I was digging around for maps to use for scenes and videos, and I find out that the City Ruins map that I’m using doesn’t look well in SFM. Not having HDR makes the map look way too bright and contains purple-checkered textures on some of the buildings and roadwork. I’m looking for someone to update it to make it run well in Source Filmmaker for those who have the files for it. This could make some excellent Fallout and apocalyptic content.

Link to map:

Those are missing textures. I can see the map is for Gmod, have you tried playing around with it in Gmod and if so, is everything there normally? You might need CSS + HL2 materials for it to work, copy the material folders for the two into your SFM directory, that works for me.

Also for the map looking too bright, have you thought about lowering the camera’s tonemapscale value and putting your own lighting within SFM? How bright does it look to begin with?

Changing tonemapscale doesn’t really do anything for some reason. I can’t go all the way black, but I can make the buildings a bit darker. The shadowgreen gmod map went black, don’t know why this won’t. Turns out I do have CSS uninstalled to make more HDD room, never realizing that I might need it. Don’t remember what else is needed, since I added CSS to the gameinfo path some years ago. Installing now and doing as you said to see what happens next. Will update post with pics.

Update: Here’s the pic. Haven’t done anything with the materials yet, and the pic’s a WIP.

Huh. Even with CSS and HL2 installed, the textures will still not load properly.