Making commercials for my base's local television station using GMOD

Long time no see Facepunch.

I hope a topic like this isn’t too far off course from the right section. Anyways, I’ve been doing some volunteer work at the local t.v. station on my base. When I was asked what I’ve done in the interest of making videos, I showed him some GMOD vids I put together a few years ago. He likes my work, and asked if I could make some anti-drinking driving commercials using the program.

Now, what I need to know is if there’s anything that could be an issue with me doing this, like copyright. Say I use some citizen models or L4D2 objects, is there anything specific I have to do to make that ok? I’m not getting paid for making these commercials or anything.

I think it would be okay to ask Garry and Valve first.

Along with asking Vavle and Garry, I’d suggest you take this over to the SFM thread. Frankly, Gmod is very outdated now that SFM is out.

depends. if you know how to use HAT, you can make some badass stuff.

No it’s not. It still got numerous unique tools for moviemaking and posing.

I’d like to see that video that you showed to the boss or whoever he is.

By today’s standards, it wouldn’t be very impressive to you guys. Mostly, he just likes the idea of being able to put together videos using a program with the kind of potential that GMOD has.