Making CS:S/DOD:S weapon worldmodels usable in HL2:DM/GMod?

Yeah… you know how if you get a skin of a CS:S weapon or if you import the CS:S world models into HL2DM or GMod or any game that uses HL2DM style models the gun stucks out of the guy’s crotch?

Like what the mingebags look like (except the hands are like if they’re holding a gun, but the gun is out of the crotch):

What exactly do I have to do in order to make them be in their hands? Do I have to use a model editor program or is it a couple of lines of text I have to change?


You have to use a model editor program. All you need to do is change the bone or bones that the weapon uses. Just decompile the w_model, play with the bones in the reference .smd, and recompile it. Specifically, you need to create a bone named “ValveBiped_RHand” and position it next to the grip of the weapon. Then, weight every vertex in the model to that bone. It’s much cleaner and more efficient to use one of the hl2 w_models as a reference, though.

Okay, so which program should I use? I have the decompiled .smd’s right here but I’ve never modeled before so…

I would suggest a version of 3Ds Max. When you download the 30-day trial, make sure you also download .smd importer and exporter plug-ins. You’ll want to import both the w_model and one of Valve’s HL2 world models, like the pistol or smg. Then, delete the bone or bones that your w_model was using, and position over Valve’s w_model. Delete their w_model mesh and add the bone it was using to the skin modifier of your own w_model. Then, just re-export the new w_model as a reference .smd and recompile it.

Okay, I got 3ds max open, and I have the smd imported. I have no idea what I am doing… where are the bones and I’m really :confused:… sorry

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