Making CS:S/GMod sprays for you

Title says it all. I’m makin CSS and GMod sprays for people to use ingame. Just tell me what you want, maybe give a pic (or pics), and ya.

Could you please make me one:
here is my picture i would like:

(also where do i put the spray so cs:s/gmod/source games find it?)
(and yes my image editing fails)

Can you make my avatar into a gmod and pm me it?
Yes, I’d like it small.

Ok, just so you all know, sprays are of 256x256 pixels, so it will be small, and any small writing on a large image will not be visible on the smaller image.
To import sprays:

  1. Open the game (Gmod or CSS (also works for any of the source multiplayer games))
  2. Go to Options
  3. Click Multiplayer
  4. Where you choose a spray, click ‘Import Spray’
  5. Find the folder the picture is in
  6. You can only import .BMP, .JPG, .VTF and .TGA. Some images wont import because they are too large. This is why you make the image exactly 256x256 pixels, and save in .TGA format.