Making DarkRP server on GMOD 13 help.

Hello, I would like to make a DarkRP server on GMOD 13 and am completely stumped. I’ve looked at the popular post of how to make one, but haven’t been able to do it. I’ve done the srcds thing with update tools, and have tortoise. I can’t figure it out, please post a link to instructions or post some (with downloads preferably). Please help me. :pwn:

Just install the darkrp like you would to your own computer but into yourserver instead:o. I doubt that helps but. Whats not working about it? Is it still stuck on sandbox or does your server not run?

Off Topic: Why not code your own gamemode rather then using that… nevermind.
On Topic: Download it from the Github (google it)

I put it in the gamemodes folder and adjusted the cfg’s. I just have no clue what to do now, just go on gmod and start a 16 person server?

Problem: I don’t know how to code very well XD I may be able to figure it out if I could see the DarkRP code… Maybe I could adjust it? Then I’d have to figure out how to do the rest.

Edit: I originally wanted a more realistic CityRP but couldn’t find a download. I also still have the problem of starting the server.

But none of us can code very well, I can’t code very well, but i’m learning.
you should try learning too

For me still stuck on sand box :suicide: :words: :pwn:

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