Making dead players turn to crows

How can I make it so it does this in any gamemode, more preferably the one from Winter Survival, which I did try to take all the lines that make it do this, but I suck with lua, and of course can’t do it myself.

OnPlayerDeath and SetModel maybe? I think it’s OnPlayerDeath, that or PlayerDeath

hook.Add( “DoPlayerDeath”, “Crows”, function( ply )
ply.DeathPos = ply:GetPos()
ply:SetModel( “Crow Model Here” )
ply:SetPos( ply.DeathPos )
end )

I’m not sure but i think the crow he talk about is a pill.

I think he means like in the oddworld series.

Ah, that works fine, but just turns the model into a crow ragdoll when you die, I meant as you become a crow, then can fly around, kind of like the pigeon pill.

Try using the move hook to make the player go diagonally upwards.


You might need to kill the player, and then move him to a different team, and make him spawn with the crow pill only.

Why dont you just look into Winter Survival and see how its done?

This method requires you to have an actual crow pill or pigeon pill, but i hope it helps.

function IAmACrow( victim, weapon, killer )
victim.Position = victim:GetPos()
victim:Give("crow_pill_weapon_thing") -- Gotta put the real weapon name in here.
hook.Add("PlayerDeath", "CROOOOWZZZZZZZZ", IAmACrow)

I’m writing up a move hook from scratch. What should controls be?

That seems pretty promising Wizey, and to greasemonkey, I don’t even know what a hook is, let alone a move hook, haha.

Basically I’m writing up the movement code for crows. What do you want the controls to be?

I’m trying to replicate the controls that the crows in ZS use at the moment.


Oh and quick question, how do you want players to change back to humans?

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maybe use a timer and then after like 10 seconds of wierd bird fly and crashing into trees, maybe respawn them in the other team?

Heh, I’ve been getting carried away and this is sorta turning into a crow pill, but without a weapon.

It’d be cool to just have controls like in ZS like you said, but, I’m trying to help a friend, on a JailRP, when you die, you become a crow, and of course when the round starts, you turn back. So basically when a round starts.