Making door accessible only for the Civil Worker's Union (OA Framework with HL2RP)

Hello everyone!

Well, I own an OpenAura schema (it’s HL2 RP), I’d like to ask to someone who know well this gamemode how to made private doors for the Civil Worker’s Union?

These door can be opened (or closed) if the player is in the Civil Worker’s Union only. But, I’m not a coder, and I don’t have any idea how to code it.

OpenAura doesn’t have any Wiki…

Could someone help me here please? :S Thanks you very much for your help!

If you bought the gamemode, then ask the creater. you paid for the support not the gamemode itself.
And if you didn’t buy it, then you’ll be on your own.

Yes, I bought it. Maybe it’s why people won’t help me? You can verify my server here:

And well, everytimes I ask him he doesn’t reply. I don’t want to pay for support (yes, It’s paying) and I prefer ask people who know the framework.

Thanks mate.

Learn, Lua.

Also, you get what you pay for.

I’d like, but OpenAura is a big framework. He made a Wiki but I don’t know for any reasons he deleted it… Also his Wiki was soiled by some trolls or get DOS…

Woaw… Please, if you won’t help it’s your right, but please, don’t make useless replies. I have all reasons to ask on this forum. If you can’t help it’s ok, I’ll never force anyone to help me :P.

Thanks too!

I’ve never worked with OpenAura, but I do believe that there’s something in there that allows combine classes to open combine doors, you could probably just take that code and edit it so that it only allows CWU classes to open specific doors.

Something like… What does OA use for saving flags?
someplayer:GetTable().PlayerFlags = “CWU” then return true end
No idea.

The flags stored for the active character should be stored in: playerentity.character.flags

Then all you have to do is find the hook that checks if a player can open a door. PlayerCanUseDoor? PlayerCanOpenDoor? I really have no idea.

It’d be keypress and a trace. That’s how I do it.

A framework means its used to build off, you bought a schema for it, and you disagreed with what i said
“You get what you pay for”

If you think you get more than you paid for, you are wrong.

Sure, I’m modifying the schema but of course it uses OpenAura as the framework. Hmm…