Making door frame in L4D with hammer

So I want to make a basic door frame in L4D using hammer. How do I do it and what texture should I use?

Well… how about you just google a tutorial or go to or go here Its where i learned to map.

Find a door texture in decals/ and apply it with an overlay on the walls around the door. For the interior trim, search for trim in textures.

Use a door overlay, I think it is door22 or something and resize it to fit the door, this is how I do it anyway.

I’m thinking of making it a model, it’s a friggin’ pain in the ass to copy/redo those overlays.


I looked at my map and I use decals/door_wood22 for small doors and decals/door_wood18 for double doors.

some premade door frames are in L4D example Zoo maps