Making doors

Hi, hammer noob here. I was wondering, what’s the fastest way to make a door? I can make one but I’m thinking I’m making it way more complicated then it should be.

make a brush

the options should be easy to understand

Func_door_rotating if it’s made out of brushes. Prop_door_rotating if you want the door to be a model.

And make doorframes, makes it look nicer. Just a simple 2 unit thick brush around the sides of the door does it.

I make the prop_door_rotating, carve a doorway into the wall, and fit the door in there but It’s not precise at all. can I make something to a precise size and movement without having to go to the transform menu every time, like for making the door frames?

Hmm, i would advice using the prop_door rotating for doors like apartments and so on.
If you want a better more complicated door do some nice brushwork and put a Func_door_xxxx in it

Just for the sake of it, Never carve!

It’s the biggest mistake you can do.


Well, except carving a 32 sided arch displacement

That’s still carving.

Oh. Why’s that?

Because it makes your map too good and will make all of us mappers look poor. So just be kinda and keep it on a level playing field