Making Dota2 PCF's compatible with Gmod?

I came across this earlier and tried to see if I could take the exported PCF’s and load them into Gmod. I made sure I imported them correctly (game.AddParticles etc.). I also was careful to move the models materials and particles folders and merge them with Gmod. After all all that, I booted up a game and got this error:

Unable to read particle definition particles/xxxxx.pcf! UtlBuffer is the wrong type!

Googled the error, no real advice except from changing particles_manifest.txt but that’s useless anyways. If someone could find a way to fix this I would be really grateful. Also people would have a nice supply of effects for gamemodes/addons etc.

If you want to test it for yourself just install “alien swarm” (can’t use EP2 or anything else). Then install alien swarm sdk in the tools part of steam. The rest of the steps you can read in the link. Thanks.

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Just found this page. Basically just states that there are five versions of PCF and that gmod uses Binary 2 PCF 1.
The DOTA PCFs use Binary 5 PCF 2.
It also stated that in some cases, changing the header in the PCF files to the correct version sometimes fixes it, but it didn’t.
Any ideas guys? I really want to get these working for my gamemode.

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