Making E2's get them while they're fresh

You heard the man(title), I copied some other guy’s thread because I hate seeing people with awesome contraptions that fly like crap, or drive, or sail, or dig, or whatever yeaah…

I won’t take up major projects (Duuh) if you ask me to, unless I find them very damn interresting mostly because I don’t play GMod anymore so yeaaah…

Don’t you dare suggest something that has already been posted here, if you do that then you’re a hypocrite. Do not suggest auto turrets with minor modifications such as a flying auto turret, an auto turret that says “boom baby” etc… That’s just retarded.

Please, for the love of something use fucking grammar, you’re not gonna get my help if you can’t even take the time it takes to check for grammatical errors. It’s the same about spelling.

Real-Time tank tread holograms

Analogue steering wheel

WASD & mouse aim drone

Double prop turret

WASD Jet (With fancy sounds)

3rd person camera

Vector aimed turret

Velocity aimed missile

Oh look! It prints the position of a player!

Okay then, animated holo treads with constant variables so you can change em depending on vehicle size. Do it.

Working on it.


80% done but ran into a problem

make a chip that turns a steering wheel on mouse yaw (analogous)

Been AFK for a while, but I’m done now Satyria.


@name Tank Tread system - Holo
@persist [Point DefPoint Ent]:array Run

if (first() | duped()) {
    Run = 0
    for (I = 1, 8) { #Change 8 to how many holos you need.
            holoMaterial(I, "models/debug/debugwhite")
            holoShadow(I, 0)

if (chatClk(owner())) {
    Chat = lastSaid():lower():explode(" ")
    if (Chat[1, string] == "/add") {
        Aim = owner():aimEntity()
        ND = Chat[2, string]:toNumber()
        holoCreate(ND + 100)
        holoAlpha(ND + 100, 0)
        holoShadow(ND + 100, 0)
        holoPos(ND + 100, Aim:pos())
        holoParent(ND + 100, Aim)
        Pos = holoEntity(ND + 100):toLocal(owner():aimPos() - owner():aimNormal())
        DefPoint[ND, vector] = Pos
        Ent[ND, entity] = holoEntity(ND + 100)
        print("X: " + toString(Pos:x()) + " Y: " + toString(Pos:y()) + " Z: " + toString(Pos:z()))
    } elseif (Chat[1, string] == "/run") {
        Run = abs(sign(Chat[2, string]:toNumber()))
        print("Tank Treads " + (Run ? "ONLINE" : "OFFLINE"))

if (Run) {
    for (I = 1, DefPoint:count()) {
        Point[I, vector] = Ent[I, entity]:toWorld(DefPoint[I, vector])
    for (I = 1, DefPoint:count() / 2) {
        holoAng(I + 100, entity():angles())
    for (I = 1, DefPoint:count() * 2) {
        P1 = Point[I * 2 - 1, vector]
        P2 = Point[I * 2, vector]
        holoPos(I, (P1 + P2) / 2)
        holoAng(I, (P1 - P2):toAngle():setRoll(0))
        holoScaleUnits(I, vec(P1:distance(P2) * 1.045, 15, 1)) #Length - Width - Thick

Realtime holographic tank thread system.
It does consume rather many op/s, so use with caution (approximately 3000 op/s for 8 holograms).


  1. Spawn the chip on your vehicle.

  2. Enter the amount of holograms you need (Line 9, the “8”).

  3. Type "/add X" (X mean a number) to apply hardpoints for the treads NOTE: The threads go like 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 NOT 1-2-3…

  4. Type "/run X" (0 to turn it OFF, anything else to turn it ON)

It should save in dupe because it uses arrays, but I havn’t tested it.

An E2 that when welded to something, Applys force with my WASD and is mouse aimed.


WASD apply force jet thingy.

I’ve only got a mouse aimed one that works great, But for some things it would be nice to have a WASD one.

Karbines request:


@name Analogue steering wheel
@inputs In E:entity
@persist Int

if (first() | duped()) {
    Int = shiftL(ang(E:inertia())):yaw() * 300

E:applyAngForce(ang(0, angnorm(-E:angles():yaw() + entity():angles():yaw() + In * 360 - E:angVel():yaw() / 10) * Int, 0))

Note: 1 means a whole revolution, 0.25 is a quarter, 0.5 is half etc…

A targetting system for ACF2 howitzers, like sattelite view where you target an area, and it hits in there.

Like that at 0:10.

And a mouse aimed plane.

Oppy’s request:


@name Drone thing
@inputs W A S D O:entity
@persist Int:angle E:entity Pos:vector

if (first() | duped()) {
    E = entity():isWeldedTo()
    Int = shiftL(ang(E:inertia())) * 300
    Pos = E:massCenter()
O = O:driver()

E:applyAngForce(angnorm(-E:angles() + O:eyeAngles() - E:angVel() / 15) * Int)

Pos += (E:eye() * (W - S) + E:right() * (D - A)) * 1 #Speed multiplier

E:applyForce(((Pos - E:massCenter()) * 10 - E:vel()) * E:mass())

I don’t make ACF stuff and a mouse aimed plane is just stupid, unless it has eyepod eyepod but it doesn’t work very well on multiplayer (last time I checked).

I have to go now too btw.

Pm sestze for his NQNR system and if he gives it to you i can give you my modification of it as an airplane. Works good.

nice, but it doesn’t look like it works off of your aim (turning mouse left and right turns wheel)

WASD turret aiming chip and an applyforce missile that goes where you point while being inside a vehicle (think bf2 anti tank missiles)

Thanks Pac.

I’ve been trying all day to get that turret you saw me building to work.
Ignore my previous requests.

Could you possible wipe up a turret expression that works using 2 props. One yaw and one pitch prop.

It’s important that it can be modified to fit different props. Because the one i have now can’t. The eyepod one i had didn’t work properly (because it’s not made for that).
Should preferably be able to be used inside a vehicle but it’s not needed.
I’m about to smash my computer.

can you make an e2 that will make a helicopter fly using applyforce ? it would be even better if it flew with mouse control.

*** you can use eyepod, which is even preferred over any other method, as my turrets also use eyepod.

Ahem ahem this is the part where we think on our own.
It has an input called “In”, you input something and it turns to that angle.
Simply wire “In” to a bearing of Adv Pod Controller or make an increment-chip with the Eyepod (Or use accumulator).

I find that rather logical, I don’t want people to rely 100% on me, if they can’t even change a single number then I don’t believe they deserve to use my precious time.

How about a system for trains that will automatically couple them together. Like it simply ballsockets them at end points of the base prop. For example you look at the base prop of one car and press M1+M2 at the same time. Then you look at the base of the other car and do the same. The E2 then makes a ballsocket and connects them together at the closest two points on those props


I’m a lazy bastard.

I guess this would be quite simple but I need a E2 chip for a gyroscope on my plane. I know it can be done without it but I’m no good with gates.