Making easy money by owning a GMod server.

Here’s an easy way to make money from owning a GMod server.

Make your server LoadingScreen display an

Make your server MOTD display an

Once people connect, cha-ching.

This would only be really useful for really busy servers. Small upstart servers couldn’t benefit very much from this at all, but it’s definitely a good idea.

oh god if I could do this for an idle server on tf2 i’d be riiiiiiiiiiiiiich

but people have been doing this for ages.

Your name, it is just so horrible. But no, has not been around “ages”. This is a good piece of advise, but will only work if you have a nice popular server.

Make sure to add a donator rank that adds nothing and costs like 20 bucks!

Does sv_loadingurl precache the website?

Or am I mistaken.

I’ve discussed using in motd before with a friend, however I really don’t think it will make that much money. Not enough to compensate for the annoying unprofessional feeling anyway. But, I shall test it for 7 days and report the findings on a fairly popular server.

The page gets cached.

Yea, removed it already. I figured it wouldn’t work very well.

Website Address
Advert Type
Money Earned
28 $0.05033

13 $0.01558

That’s not much on the 3rd most popular garrysmod server overnight…

So you tried it on your loading page url… and then expected something? it says MOTD for a reason

After some research it appears you sell admin which I think only shows its “the 3rd most popular” for all the wrong reasons. We also don’t judge servers popularity by average player count anymore since uses fake players to make it look like they are so amazing and yet they even have the cheek to try and sell it back to people. Then again how much retardedness can you expect from a place that requires photo identity for an admin application.

1… Read closely I tried it on both (Also OP says on loading page & MOTD - I was the one to point out loading page is cached)
2… The popularity of my servers is actually hurt a LOT by our administration choices. It’s a choice we made when opening, and it’s not up for discussion here or anywhere
3… Gametracker see’s past fake player counts, but you’re are correct about not being the true 3rd. The only reason it shows 3rd is due to a orangebox bug, in truth it’s around 6-7th. That’s TRUE player count, not faked.

Also, who is “we” when we go to “We don’t judge…”. Everyone judges a server popularity by there own personal opinions. Now, you can measure popularity however you like, but in a situation where we are literally talking about forcing advertising links onto a player then player count is the only way to judge.

I’ve just tried this on my server however none of the in-game views (from loading pages or MOTDs) are counting as ad hits for some reason

has anyone else had any luck with this?

Making a popular toybox entity that secretly opens an html page to an ad is also one way to go.

let people buy admin for $20

fail to mention that they only get it for 48 hours

Even 48 hours of being an administrator can kill a server if the person is horrible enough. Plus, taking away admin unwarranted may tick off the community. A lot of these suggestions are sneaky ways to make money that don’t hurt anyone.

Maybe change the MOTD/Load url every 24 hours? just change something that people wouldn’t see at all like the picture name or something than the person has to reload it.

I think you might have to click the “Skip Ad” link. That or ULX MOTD is cached, which I’m fairly sure it isn’t

Because on 4 popular servers it only got 22 clicks over night.

They say they pay per view as well. But they do say ingame popups aren’t allowed, guess their system can tell.

Would this work with an iFrame I wonder…

Gonna test it.