Making Elevator Doors

I’m making a new map with many rooms and I am trying to make an elevator. However, I can’t figure out how to make the doors move sideways! I’ve been messing with the angles for func_movelinear, but I can’t seem to make the doors move sideways. Anyone know if there’s a better method, or the correct angles to make the doors move sideways?

erm… why don’t you use func_door?
you can specify the move direction for the door.

If you’re talking about the drop down menu, all I see is up and down. The problem I’m having is finding the correct angles to make it move sideways. I’ve only been able to make it move forward, up, and down.

don’t use func_movelinear to make doors

Okay, I made the doors func_doors and they moved forward and backward. I still can’t figure out how to make them go sideways.

there should be a ‘set move direction’ keyvalue that you can set the X Y Z of.

Yeah I see that, I just don’t know what to set the X Y Z values to to make them move sideways D:

In the top view, X is left / right, Y is forward / back. +X is right in the top view, +Y is up in the top view.

Well, depends on the angle of the elevator door. You’d have to use the Y plane I believe, although I think X works fine too (don’t trust me on that). Just depends on the angle the door is and the direction it’s moving in. Like, for an elevator I made, I used 0 0 0 and 0 90 0 for the move direction of the doors, and it ended up with each door moving opposite one another, exactly how it would work for an elevator. Just mess around with it a bit and you’ll get it to work.

There is a circle with a line. Move that i nthe direction you want the door to go, or type into the drop box the angle of movement.