Making entities think faster?

Is there a way to make entities think faster?

Is there an alternative to entity thinks (that isn’t Gamemode’s think.)

**[Entity.NextThink](** to make a lua entity think faster,just set self:NextThink(CurTime()) and it will run pretty fast.

Not sure what do you mean there,but if you need this for your H.A.T tool,i think the best way is to create a lua entity and via parenting it to the ragdoll/entity you need to control,you will use its think function to do whatever you want on the target entity.

Thanks, I’m already doing that. Entities are moving fine, except for how they think really slowly.


Thought it would work, but this wouldn’t solve my framerate issues.

The low framerate issue might have been caused by too many loop operations done in the think function.
From the thread i have read that you are recording all the physical objects movement of every entity in the map,might be that?

Yeah, I already knew that.

I was kind of hoping that the entity’s thinking were multithreaded, but it’s unfortunately not.
I might be able to hook onto the physics thinking, though.

Yeah, unfortunately lua is only single threaded.