Making entity able to be shot through

So in the gamemode I’m working on there’s these invisible walls you use to prevent players from getting into unfair spots or from taking shortcuts the bots can’t follow. But say you placed this over a railing, you can then no longer shoot over this railing. So is there a way to make you able to shoot through these entities? Perhaps a collision group or something to make it act like player clips? Or maybe a complete replacement to these entities? I tried quite a few things that didn’t work, and I’m not satisfied with my current solution that uses GM:EntityFireBullets to make a trace that filters out these entities and the move the bullet source up to that.

have you tried to get a addon for this? It sounds like something you would have to add on the entities.

I am scripting the entities for this myself. The thing I just need is some Lua function or other entity property I can set that’ll make it able to be shot through yet still block players and/or bots.