Making fingers poseable.

So I looked everywhere and I cannot find a decent tutorial on this. I have a fully rigged ragdoll, what do I have to write in the qc to make finger poser recognize the fingers?
By the way, I am not using the valvebiped bones.

i think for the finger poser tool to work they need to have the valve bones for the hand

Rename the finger bones to Valve Biped names and make sure the rotations are correct.

on that note, slightly off topic to the thread, but how do you ensure bone rotations are correct?
i ask in the hope there’s a quick easy solution

I renamed all the fingers and it still does not work. Is renaming the hand bone necessary too?

i’d say so yes
make sure the bone names are identical too, idk if it is case sensitive

Yes, the hand bone is necessary, it’s what makes the fingerposer actually be able to select the hand.

Well,why not use alyx hand bone when rigging
Mariokart64n has the tutorial

Well it worked, I can release them now. Thanks everyone.