Making first person animated actions.

Ok, Ive had a lot of mod ideas, but I allways think that I can improve them by adding First person animated actions, like - here is a scenario that I have thought up:

Player is running through an alley from metrocops player approches fence and it triggers an animation (Not controlled by player) of the player you are jumping over the fence, landing in a crouch position, looking back for a second and then sprinting away. Also, if you could see the players arms that could be good (Allthough I realize that you would need to make an animation for that.

Continuing on the scenario, player turn a corner seconds later and gets shot by a niper in a split second. Player falls, whitch activates a little blood pool on the ground. A metrocop walks over as the camera bobbs as if the player is in pain, and the metrocop kicks the player in the face.

How would it be possible to do this? I think it may be possible, because a guy made something just like it in half-life.

All help is really appreciated :slight_smile:

Uh, you COULD do it with the camera/cinematic entities that are added in Hammer, but it wouldnt look very realistic (check out the latest mapping contest: Cinematic). But I think your best shot at it would be animating a cutscene of some sort

If you look at the video, there were no cutscenes. The animations were triggered while playing.

If you could do that in a game from 1998 with no updates, you can do it in an editor from 2004 that is frequently updated.

Half life is not half life 2. It’s possible the animations shown were already in the game, cut for some reason (probably time). You can initiate custom events to occur, and i’m sure you could code in everything that you want, but a lot of it would need to be animated outside of the editor.

all the animations wre custom made. And half-life was made in HAMMER just an early version.

Actually, Half Life was made using worldcraft.

If all the animations were custom made, then you are asking about this in the wrong section. You need modelling next door or coding.

What happens is that you create an animation, then code it to fire at a specific time. None of this will be done via hammer, bar a few things like placing a prop or trigger that will initiate a further event. There are very few of these events in hl2, there is the suit animation, fired when you pick up a suit (most likely coded into the suit code, similar to weapon firing animations). There is the beat up cutscene, again, initiated when you move into a room.

However, any animations are not made via hammer. Hammer is used for level design only. You can manipulate the camera to a certain degree, you can make it follow a player, but anymore and you will need to code it.

The video you posted was made entirely in 3DMAX. It was not at all ingame.

If I recall correctly that video was also made in HL:S.

It was made in HL:S and it was not an ingame event, it was made using 3DMAX, as dvc has already posted.

I know this because there was a thread about it in the Valve Games and Mods section a while ago and there they talked about how it was made.

What you could do is parent the camera to the head a prop_dynamic set to a rebel model, and use that to play animations. There’s quite a few cool little animations for them, including stuff like like ducking under obstacles etc.

^ you could use that tutorial, and swap the sequence and change when it triggers to get an effect similar.

Ok, is that possible to do during the player controlling gordon, or would I make the map end just before freeman approaches the fence and load a map with a rebel doing the animations?

It seems possible, you just need to take control from the player, parent the camera to a rebel that was just spawned where freeman stands, and then play the animation

Also, as a side question, what would be the best 3D program to make my animations? And how long does an average animation (Like vaulting a fence) take to make?
If someone could link me to a tutorial or something I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t have to make the map end, you could just have a trigger trigger an env_fade to fade to black, position a rebel in the correct place, and fade back and switch to the rebel view.

NPC with multiple animations, also parent a camera to the NPC actor.

Buggy, but with custom animations should work.

I did this in my cinematic contest entry.
First you take a camera and parent it to a NPC. Then use the “setparentattachment” input and set the attachment to “eyes”. Viola you now have a first person NPC. The rest is just scripted_sequences.

The guy in that HL video was a professional animator. I suppose it’s all possible, but learn to animate first.