Making gamemode for first time, need help.

I am coding my own gamemode, right now only base stuff like spawn and team stuff but I cannot get my server to even start the gamemode with it.

Any help would be great.

I made the correct .info file and everything else is as the guides and such show. Not sure whats going wrong.

its .txt not .info .

i know it is i refered to it as .info to say my gamemodes txt file, not the clearest way of saying it i know.

I dunno why its not working ive used the tutorial and adding nothing of my own as of yet except setting up my teams in the shared and init files. player loadouts and stuff, yet it wont even start… its strange to me anyway.

you need to name the file blah.txt not as carnifex said, also don’t say you know stuff when its not working take advise and use it.

Running a dedicated server?
Make sure to put +gamemode <gamemode> in the startup line.
not sv_defaultgamemode or sv_gamemode, that all got deprecated with GMod 13.

is the server showing you some errors? or other information we could use to help you out?

You can also see good tutorials on Youtube, on how to make a gamemode

I already use the +gamemode instead, im not new to running servers just lua coding and what advice? the only advice so far is that its called <name>.txt not <name>.info which i already knew… only a total fool wouldn’t.

It’s getting the server to start it, when I change +gamemode to my name (using it exactly as its spelt for casing too) it doesnt start, any other gamemode does though strangely. it only includes example code right now, nothing I’ve coded myself, It’s worked previously for me so that’s why it’s strange why it’s not working.