Making garrys mod addons?

Hello everyone, Im not sure if this fits in this section so please forgive me if it doesn’t.

I was wandering if anyone had any links/sites that explain how garrysmod addons are made, I’ve never really used LUA before and I’ve read up on but it doesnt explain alot, like structure of a addon.

So as mentioned above all links are very appreciated, Im looking for us much information as i can get on the structure of a addon i would also like to mention before anyone begins to flame and tell me to go learn to code etc that i have a background in PHP, Python, C# and C++.



The link on the front page links the section for Lua Tutorials and from there, you can get to the Beginner Tutorials.

Hello parasite, thanks for the link, I’ve already gone through the beginner tutorial but it stops at If then Else and im unable to find any other content

You can always use the old wiki as-well. Since you have experience in those languages you should be able to catch on with Lua easily.

Thanks for the link i will be sure to have a look around on there. I notice almost every link talks about creating a gamemode, However i dont want to create a gamemode, I want to create addons for sandbox, TTT etc.

Any suggestions?

Download some addons and have a look at how there structured.