Making Garry's Mod run more stable/use more ram with large amounts of addons?

I am having a bit of a problem. I play Garry’s Mod with a LOT of addons (right now I am using all the Stargate addons and all of the Spacebuild 3 addons, totaling to a Garry’s Mod folder that is 11.7 GB). My computer (Intel Core i5-2500k, 16 GB 1600Mhz DDR3, overclocked Geforce 560 Ti 448 cores w/ 1.2 gb GDDR5) should be able to handle this without running out of RAM. However, I have had crashes related to running out of ram. Considering how Garry’s Mod should have about 12 GB of RAM available to it at any given time, I don’t quite see how that is happening. Is there any way to make it make better use of the available RAM?

Thanks in advance.

just because you HAVE 12 GB of ram doesnt mean the source engine can read and write all that RAM. 1) vista and 7 use up 1 GB on their own, another 1 GB for background stuff, plus, you’re talking about source here, it doesn’t take that much to run. now, what makes you think that gmod is crashing because it’s out of RAM? the source engine takes out a max of 1 GB RAM i believe, and past that, it does direct HDD reads, then caches them.
your computer may be good, but the engine can’t take advantage of it.

TDR… you’re a muppet, win7/vista doesn’t use 1gb of ram for the hell of it.

Dr Headcrab are you sure the crashes are relating to ram? If so run resource monitor and see where all your RAM is vanishing to. If you are having ram crashes I expect it to be something else on your computer is abusing your ram.

That’s only committed though, but still it is more likely some program is abusing your RAM.

And that’s without running a game, but I’m a multitasking whore. Although I have 3x4gb sitcks in my machine so I really should look into why I’ve only got 8gig _.

Also the hl2 executable is only 32 bit so it’s unable to take fully advantage of the full amount of ram available to it.