Making GFX for Rust!!! Well...trying :)

So far i have made the loading screen and i think this would look awesome for Open-alpha!

When the client is green then its up to date.
But when its red…The Client needs to be updated.

I am A launcher!!!

UPDATE: FOR NOW ON!!! im making loading screens :slight_smile: and launcher Pics as well hahhaa



That looks really good!

I know you’re not suppose to judge a book by its cover… But this makes me want to play it more!

looks like vomit

:frowning: really?

far too STALKER

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I like it, but it really looks like a STALKER loading screen

Thanks :slight_smile: ill try to do better :slight_smile: what should i make next?

Very STALKER-ish

But still not bad

Very Nice Maybe at somthing idk but it needs somthing else mayb?

You’re not bad, but that symbol is more associated with STALKER than Rust, try shrinking it and using other images to represent the game
Maybe some landscapes from the game


if only i had a key :frowning:

i was thinking the same thing, maybe not having the radiation symbol as a main thing in the picture and having something more game-related would make it better. Im not saying its bad, i like it anyways.

I suggest making the lighting on it look more like a flashlight is shining on it. Look up a video from The Last of Us videogame and look at how the flashlight hits on everything. That would be perfect for this! Just a suggestion. Gj though it looks dooooope :smiley:

Thanks im working on a "Your died Screen’

Maybe try borrowing some ideas from RE4, add some rust themes to it. Could look pretty good

Yeah I think the hatchet has become the main icon/symbol for rust. I definitely think that it should be involved in some form.

Love the idea will put rust and a axe together and if it looks good :slight_smile: grammar

Well done, it looks really good. Well both of them do.

Love both the “You have died” and the hatchet one. GJ.