Making Giant NPCs

Is there a way to make giants out of some NPCs?

Example if I wanted a giant sized Alyx is there a way to tweak her so that she’s like 10feet tall or 20 feet tall? I think that would be funny.

lol, it had to be alyx…

Would inflating work? I don’t really know…

There is a Prop resizer tool that you might be able to use (emphasize the might) i have it and i can do it on props but i haven’t tried on NPCs

The inflator will make them look bigger, but their physboxes will still be the same size. So there’ll be a lot of passing through objects.

Spawn her in the skybox. :v:

well, the super inflator maybe, i read abour a super inflator that change the phys box.

If we could change the sizes of NPCs that would be some big fun.

Making a Hunter the size of a Strider or a giant headcrab attacking the city. I would be roflmao!

How about a giant Dog making like Godzilla.

or just being chased by a strider with the size of scale 1:10 headcrab.

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Kael’thas: woho i knew it…

hey wait a minute… I DON’T SUCK, I HATE YOU ILIDAN!!!

There has to be a way to do it. It would be great in those open field maps. I’ll try to find an expert I know in this game and ask him.


Well whatta you know!

Fakefactory himself gave me an answer and I had an epiphany!

FF: “I have no idea how to do this. Resizing the models would break all animation-sequences and facial flexes.”

So I stopped and realized something that would be far more easier!

Why not leave the NPCs their regular size and make smaller maps and structures instead?

It should be far easier but we’d literally have to rebuild items from the ground floor up ( no pun intended ).

Does this sound more feasible?

We could have Gravity Gun fights where we pick up buildings and throw them at one another.

A Super Inflator, Now thats a good idea!

Super Inflator or Super Shrinker.

I would love to have a game with tiny rebels or tiny combine fighting a giant poison zombie.

go to google and search “player resizer” for gmod

Here you go!


Wait, why did you bump this thread back from a year and a half?

I have the superinflator. It doesn’t change the physbox but it does make a ragdoll look bigger with no limits.


Whoa, this thread is from 2008? I’m sorry. Please don’t ban me. :ohdear: