Making Glados?

Gonna quickly hit you guys up with a question. How do you make Glados from Portal? Is it a dynamic prop with animations or something else?

It’s a combination of a lot of things as far as I know. Check the VMF of the level to see. (Or decompile the map if the source isn’t included in the SDK)

I believe it’s a separate entity, all together. Don’t take my word on it.


Yes, that too.

To lazy to find, download, and use decompiler, but I’ll take a lookies to see if any maps are there.

Just download VMEX and decompile the last map in Portal.

I am sure that the model is dynamic, with animations.
There is then an entity, that registers damage, to make the GLaDOS model play a specific animation, and to drop or “move” a core.

That’s what I remember from looking at the map myself a long time ago.

But I may be wrong.

Okay I will takes a look

If he’s going for the whole thing, he has to have those spinning sections that were up top. Which I assume is just a few func_rotatings.

iLOLed Glados has 5 animations. Then I realised that every thing is in the lighting, sounds and environment. Maybe a few things with getting hit and shaking, but other wise it should be easier than I thought to start off with.