Making glass in windows respawn after some amount of time

I wish to make window with glass respawning every time when it’s broken, like 3 minutes after it.
I’ve seen it on RP_Downtown_V2. Well… waiting for advices !

i’m not sure how to do it, but can’t you just decompile Downtown, and just look and see how it’s done there?

I did, but can’t find it :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. Sorry then.

point_template with the name of the window fed into it, then
Onbreak > point_template_name > forcespawn > #timedelay in seconds

Ahh… i knew it but i couldn’t make it work in CS:S Engine, i thought GMod is using some kind of script for it. Thanks mate. I’ll edit it in HL2 Engine

uhh what. there is no css engine, css uses hl2 engine. if you couldn’t make point_template work, then you’re doing something wrong.