Making glass textures for people; Request them Here.

Well I finally got to terms with making glass textures, So if anyone wants one then post telling me what you want, or leave an image that you want on the glass texture.

One I done earlier (Yes the font is suppost to be messy)

[release]Finished Textures:

Natalya (Reflective Glass);
Download Here.

Rombishead (Clear Glass);
Download Here.

G-foxisus (Blue Glass);
Download Here.

Whats so hard about glass textures?

Can you make some super reflective barely transparent glass like this?

Nothing really, Just trying to help the community.


Possibly. For a detail building or enterable?


They aren’t.

So like reflective on one side then clear on the other, Like clear inside and Reflective outside?

If so I will make an Indoor texture and an Outdoor.

Don’t suppose you could just make a nice clear glass texture?

Like this:

This. HL2 glass textures are sucky.

If you give me 5-10 minutes until I finish Natalya’s then I sure can.

Clean glass.

Not even. use like a 4x4 and bam.

Thats the best I can do with reflective, can’t make it anymore reflective.


Sorry about bullet holes on first picture.

I want to request one, a simple one:

A clear window texture with a very slight blue accent, and with working specular maps.

Will do after I do the clean one.

Phonebooth made one like this I believe.

Yep he did, All ready done now lol.

Blue in middle section clear on the side sections.

^Do want.

Downloads are now on OP.

Excellent, thanks a bunch. It’s hard to find good glass textures, and the default ones are all horrible.