I don’t know if this is the right place to ask for help on mapping. This isn’t a release or a request.

I’m still working on my machinima and I need my Excess Construct Map to be night-like. I used the program Entspy to edit some of the properties and change the skybox to night/sky_day01_09, but the surfaces are the same as daylight like the original.

Hammer Editor, to my ability, I was only able to edit they skybox and when I tried converting it to a .bsp file, it would either crash or freeze. Is there a trick using Entspy to make the surface colors and brightness be night-like or is there a different way of doing that? I would like to use a program other than Garry’s Mod to test/view the maps to make sure everything is proper.

Any help is appreciative. Thanks.

Entspy usually is for entities, such as world spawn. I don’t believe you have access to lightmaps. If you want it to look dark, recompile it with darker lighting settings.

That’s another problem that I mentioned with Hammer Editor. Trying to convert it back to a .bsp film freezes every time I attempt. And another thing, I don’t know how to access the lightmaps in Entspy.

Decompiling maps leaves a negative impression on you, try asking the original creator to recompile it quick on night settings. If they can’t/won’t, try making your own night construct map. It probably won’t be nearly as good, but it’s experience.

A few people on the thread is asking for a night version. I even asked on the Garry’s Mod Related Files site if there was one already. In terms of experience, I suck at making maps. Like I stated, the compiling process keeps freezing.

Im on a brand new rig and even my hammer freezes during compile. How long have you waited for it to respond? Mine will freeze for about 1-2 mins but no more usually.

Hammer likes to go into a “Leave me the fuck alone” state when compiling, so just let it be and it will finish.

I would wait 12 hours and it still doesn’t move. The size of the map itself is 50,000 KB and it’s stuck to 7,000+ KB

Where’s :uugh: when you need it?

Maps take time to compile. A lot of time. Just give it at least an hour.

use valve batch compiler

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Decompiling maps causes brushwork to be mandled. You will want to fix that before you recompile.

However in entspy you can see light_environment entities in the map, and also the map (if made well) will have an env_tonemap_controller, which controls the exposure, reducing the min and max values can darken a scene effectively (however light entities and the flash light will look darker). I don’t know how much effect changing the light_environment entities will have on an already compiled map, but it’s worth a play.

Hey, I originally made the map. Getting even the original .vmf to compile was always a bit tricky since the map is a bit shoddily put together and pushes a lot of limits. If you want to give me some new settings for the light_environment/skybox/whatever else, I can try to recompile it for you. However, a proper night version would take a bit more time and I couldn’t do that right now.

It won’t do anything. As far as I know, all light from the light_environment is calculated and applied during compilation.

I guessed as much, but the tonemap controller could still be a quick fix if you don’t mind all of the lights being dimmed. It has a similar effect to using the colour mod to change brightness.

I understand that it would take time; it’s a large map I know. I can change the “skybox” easily with Entspy, but in terms of bightness or light_environment, I would refer to the Sky List from the Valve Developer Community under source materials in sky_day01_09 or under half-life source in night. Whichever works, but I want to be able to see my characters faces still.

It’s up to you.

Here you go:

The water looks flourescent and out of place, but you can change the fog color on the material to anything you want to fix it.

:rock:I thank you!

I can say that the water can serve as moonlight shining on the water.

I’ll credit you greatly for this in my machinima!:rock: