making gmod props

hello :smiley: i have been working with blender for awhie, and have made some models that i wish to convet to props. i have dowoloaded the exporting softwhere for both the materials, and the modelits self. now, what do i do now? :/??


shit man get better translator or slow down at typing but type better.
Kinda hard to understand what you say, but you have to export them as .SMD
And make collision model for your props. And then write up .QC file and compile.

sorry,i was tired, and my mother was walking up the stairs. (i wasnt supposed to be on my comp at the time) anywho, i thought u needed dx80 files, and dx90 files and stuff

The thread covering the Blender exporter has a bunch of tutorials, including a video one. There’s also , which, while not Blender-oriented, is a decent overview of the process.

Get 3DS Max, its better to use it as compilator.

3ds max also costs 300 dollars or so. I’m a broke 13 year old. I think I’ll stick to blender :smiley:

Not only is it more expensive, but I found it more difficult to use. Maybe it’s just because I was used to Blender; I’ve heard many 3DS people complain that Blender is counter-intuitive.

I started with 3DSMax, but the version of it I had on my computer was completely fucked and impossible to use (for some weird graphical reasons). When I did use it however, I found it to be much simpler and more intuitive than blender.

3DS Max can range from 300 to 3000 USD. Blender is easier.

Read there about that.