Making group chat for jobs, @ chat and weapons for certain ULX ranks

Group Chats
I came accross a thread about making the group chats work for jobs. Unfortunately, I followed this thread the best I could, and placed it where it should have yet group chat does NOT work. I have done testing afterward and my other staff members say they cant see the group chats within their jobs. Unfortunately this puts a bit of restriction for my CWRP server, seeming they now have to use comms. Is there any way to fix it?
Currently I have this written in /addons/darkrpmodification/lua/darkrp_customthings/groupchats.lua

Group chats

Team chat for when you have a certain job.
e.g. with the default police group chat, police officers, chiefs and mayors can
talk to one another through /g or team chat.

Simple method:
GAMEMODE:AddGroupChat(List of team variables separated by comma)

Advanced method:
GAMEMODE:AddGroupChat(a function with ply as argument that returns whether a random player is in one chat group)
This is for people who know how to script Lua.

– Example: GAMEMODE:AddGroupChat(function(ply) return ply:isCP() end)

@ chat
So I want all my staff to see and be able to communicate with each other via admin chat (Ex: Person 1@ Yo did you ban that guy? Person 2@ Yeah for 2 days.)
But the problem is, I did;
ulx groupallow “rank” seeasay for every rank (did it in game console) yet none of them can see it.

Letting certain ULX ranks spawn with Physgun and Toolgun
Last but not least we have this problem…
I restricted all ranks from spawning with a tool gun and physgun because since it is CWRP, they can be mingey or it just sits in their inventory without any reason (I dont want them physgunning anything or anyone)
So is there a way to 1. Remove Q menu for certain ULX ranks and 2. Let certain ULX ranks spawn with a toolgun
One other thing is I dont want it for certain DarkRP jobs. Some of the gamemasters and admins arent commanders of anything, therefore dont have their own PERSONAL job. I want it to spawn with the ULX ranks of gamemaster, moderator, admin, doubleadmin, superadmin, council, sudo-root and root no matter what job they are in.

Thank you for any help you are able to give me!

You are giving us the functions that create the rooms but not I tcontent


It content
That code won’t do anything since Gmod doesn’t bring what you exactly want, if you are trying to Port someone else code into your game, at least try to Port the entire code, not just the functions name


I changed it to be for each of the TEAM_(EXAMPLE) that I have in my jobs.lua

Does that hook even exists?

Correct me I’m wrong, but aren’t you supposed to do DarkRP.createGroupChat???

Alright I see where I messed that part up.

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Also fixed seeasay. You have to go into other. You cant do it from console.

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Im trying the createGroupChat aswell. I will update you if that works, since in the file it does say AddGroupChat so idk.

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Worked like a charm. Tried AddGroup and it moved every job to an “other” tab. tried CreateGroup and it moved everything to “other” tab. But unfortunately it still doesnt work. Idk. I am more worried about Mod-Root spawning with Physgun and Toolgun.