Making Guns Trigger The Red HUD effect

Hi, I posted about this a while ago before. I have been trying to find a way to make a gun trigger the red screen effect when someone is shot by a certain gun and make it last until the round end.

I am trying to do this in TTT

Here is the thread I made before.

Its been that long and you still haven’t gotten it sorted out? If you spent that much time learning just a little bit of lua you could easily have accomplished this by now. Something like this takes literally less than 5 minutes.
I’ll give you a few links that can help you get started making this:

Those are just a few, but I suppose if this still doesn’t get done in a day or two ill code it up for ya.

pretty much what maravis said, the process in lua would be basically:

gun has a callback function attached to its bullet > callback function sends a net message to any player struck by its bullet > net message triggers a hudpaint hook that makes the persons view be overlaid with red > hudpaint hook is cleared when they die

I’m not looking to make a new HUD effect. I’m trying to use the effect that comes on the screen when taking damage from something like fire.

I’m a very busy person who runs a TTT server, while I know how beneficial it would be to learn LUA I just don’t have the time to do something of that magnitude.

yeah well the default red screen is coded in c++ and can’t be accessed, you need lua to create a red screen effect so if you aren’t willing to learn any lua then your choices are:

  1. give up
  2. pay or sucker somebody into doing it for you

Thank you :smiley: was looking for this too :slight_smile:

oh, i had no idea that existed lol
disregard what i said