Making his litsenzeonnogo server in Rust

Good day, dear friends. Today I came across such a problem as the creation of the server … I am a very long time could not cope with finding good hostinka for your server for a long time did not understand the system of payment for hosting, need a card of some sort, what do those who does not have a card. .
Actually the question, whether there are people who have already created their own server in Steam … If you have the opportunity to help me choose which one is better hosting than there is a payment, etc.
Who is not difficult - help … I would be happy :slight_smile:
Thank you all who have visited this topic.

Lol this is translation at its finest…

Here is an [outdated] list of server providers:

I paid for mine using Paypal. As for which one to choose, thats personal preference, I have seen good reviews and bad ones for all of these.